Why was my claim returned? | iink Payments |

Why was my claim returned? | iink Payments |


  • New Check Image Required - Please upload a new picture of the check meeting the following guidelines:

    • The image must be clear

    • The entire check must be in view

    • Check must be lying on a flat and clear surface.

    • Use your phone flashlight app in order to reduce shadows

    • The format must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF (not PDF) - You can use this FREE TOOL to convert a PDF to JPEG


  • Missing Payee Info - please include all payees listed on the check as stakeholders with contact information (including email and phone). 

  • Insureds should be selected as “Individual” to sign with email and phone included. 

  • Restoration professionals that are not listed as payees should be selected as “Professional” to Approve with their iink account email (if registered) or best contact email and phone for us to set them up to receive funds.

  • Mortgage companies listed as payees should be selected as “Mortgage Company” to Sign. Please select “other” if the company on the check is not on the drop-down list. We will verify that this is the right mortgage company to endorse the check before providing you with a shipping label to send the check to them for endorsement.

Missing Documents 

  • Insurance Documents missing - Please attach a complete copy of the insurance company’s scope of loss or estimate to repair the damages. This is a mortgage company requirement when they are a payee on the pay-to-the-order-of line. All pages in clear copy are required. If your insurance carrier did not provide the adjuster worksheet,  please provide a copy of the settlement statement letter or final release.


Check needs to be reissued - this check has expired or will expire within 30 days of submitting it. Please request the insurance carrier reissue the check. If you need help on how to get this check reissued, Check out “ The check reissuing process articles “