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Why am I getting Image Error on my file | iink Payments |

Check image requirements:

  1. The file must be a JPEG, PNG, or GIF (not PDF) - You can use this FREE TOOL to convert a PDF to JPEG

  2. The image must be clear

  3. The entire check must be in view

  4. Check must be laying on a flat surface

  5. Use the flashlight app on your phone in order to eliminate shadows


If you receive the error "check image too small, " the image quality is too low to be accepted by the Federal Reserve's automated clearinghouse. Typically, the low image quality will cause pixelation with the MICR line (check, account, and routing numbers) and the Fed's system would reject the check when deposited. Their optical character recognition (OCR) would not be able to read the check even though it can be read by humans. Since the Fed is processing billions of checks per year this is the only way they can positively confirm the check number, account, and routing numbers for the fund's transfer.

Please upload a better quality picture of the check to continue. Thank you!

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